When fire meets ice, brilliance is born.

Every facet tells a story. Every cut makes an impression. Every angle reveals the fire within. The experts at Fire & Ice Diamonds are dedicated to creating beautiful diamonds that outshine all others. We work closely with leading jewelry retailers that carry the Fire & Ice brand, so you can conveniently shop our wide range of Fire & Ice diamonds, rings, and other jewelry pieces both in-store or online.


It is more than a diamond. It is art. It is beauty. It is history. It is style. It is an extension of you. What others call a ring you call a symbol of love – a symbol that is eloquently expressed in hundreds of stunning facets cut to not only catch your eye, but capture your heart.


The best reward is the one you can experience and appreciate every day. The one that never loses its allure, no matter how many times you wear it. The one that tells a classic story of love, of passion, of life. The one that makes your face light up, your day sparkle and your world shine.

The Fire & Ice Difference

Fire & Ice Diamonds are the result of years of research conducted by the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society. These exquisite diamonds are cut to precise angles to maximize the radiant light and sparkle emerging from the top of the gem. Bigger, brighter and whiter – even compared to other Excellent and Ideal cuts – every Fire & Ice Diamond reaches the highest standard for cut, proportions, symmetry and light return.

Experience the beauty, brilliance, and wonder of Fire & Ice Diamonds. Brilliant beyond compare.